Of Idiots and Morons

Here’s one of my more favorite posts (2 combined posts!)from WackytaZ. Beware, its a LONG one!

Wednesday, 02 April 2008

  • Of Idiots and Morons – Pt 1

    Hie All….

    Here’s a poll:
    Which do you think is stupider?

    A. Idiots
    B. Morons

    there is an answer!!! a REAL answer! Please leave a message/comment. Answers will be revealed in a week!
    Please answer according to your own knowledge. Pls be advised that, use of Google or any other tools  are not allowed.
    Do continue to leave comments even when there are newer posts.

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Wednesday, 09 April 2008

Of Idiots and Morons Pt 2 + ANSWERS!

here are the results. I must say I did not get very appropriate answers to the question.
It was simply vote “Idiot” or “Moron”  but I got so many different answers! I think people need to go back to school to learn how to answer a question the way you are asked! For those who DID answer accordingly, thank you for your answers, smart people!

Okay, enough complaining, lets get down to business. A few answers did unveil some really interesting thoughts, so lets go through them one by one.

4 out of 6 thinks MoRONS are stupider which means 66.7 %
2 out of 6 thinks IDIOTS are stupider which means 33.3 %

Morons wins hands down for being known to be stupider!

But the CORRECT answer is:

To address the word “Imbecile” first… Imbecile is a very strong word, probably sounds less degrading than idiot/moron, but it actually means:
“a mentally retarded person having a mental age of three to seven years and requiring supervision in the performance of routine daily tasks of personal care”

which translates to be WORSE than I’s and M’s because…
an idiot is a stupid person with a mental age below three years,
while a moron is a stupid person with a mental age of between seven to twelve years

Conclusion: So I’s are actually STUPIDER than M’s cos their mental age is younger.. and more incapable of doing things compared to I’s. I must say, idiots are very similar to imbeciles!

Point to Ponder: We were all babies once, below 3 years, and we were all young children once, aged 7 to 12, so does that mean we were all I’s and M’s (in that order) once?

To change: If you are angry /pissed with a certain person, they should be addressed as “Idiot”, although “Moron” sounds more appropriately stupider.
If you are addressed as “Moron”, take heart, cos you weren’t called “Idiot”, or WORSE,  “Imbecile”.
If you can’t get any madder cos the person is acting so unbelievably retarded, then “Imbecile” would be most appropriate.

I must say, RichWong did make an interesting point which we can also say I’s & M’s are not stupid (thats putting it mildly), cos they are acting like incompetent BABIES and unreasonable CHILDREN!


2 thoughts on “Of Idiots and Morons

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  2. Very interesting. The first thing I did was to reach for my favourite dictionary (before I saw the rest of the post), Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary (1901). To my surprise there was no “moron” in it, only the word morology. Morology means foolish talk and comes from the Greek word moros, a fool. At first I thought something must be wrong with my eyes, otherwise why can’t I find it? Then I realized that the word moron must be relatively new.
    So, I did a search to find out when it first came into common use;
    Moron was originally a scientific term, coined around 1912 by psychologist Henry Goddard from a Greek word meaning “dull” or “foolish”, and used on the English version of the “Binet Scale” of human intelligence. The Binet Scale was developed in the early 1900’s by Alfred Binet, a French psychologist and inventor of the first usable intelligence test, the basis of today’s IQ test. The Binet Scale went approximately as follows:

    Normal —– IQ 85-115
    Deficient —- IQ 71-84
    Moron —— IQ 51-70
    Imbecile —- IQ 26-50
    Idiot ——– IQ 0-25
    The words were rather popular since 1970s until there came some changes. Today both of these words have been changed in the IQ test with mild, moderate and severe retardation which is not a great word either, from what I know we use the word physically challenged now and not retarded anymore.
    Now the words, imbecile, idiot or moron are words that I personally never use, because lets face it no matter how brilliant you are, in some areas of life you will act like an idiot, moron or imbecile. Idiot savant is another matter altogether.
    Your post inspired me to write more on the subject.



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